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A container for urban wet waste conceived, developed, engineered and produced in Italy with a unique and innovative technology covered by international patent for industrial invention.

How it works

WILLPY 's functioning is based on a principle of physics without the use of chemical substances.

WILLPY reduces the quantity of oxygen in the container creating the necessary conditions to slow down the natural process of deterioration of the organic matter, of which waste is formed.

As a result, it drastically reduces the "side effects" created by this process :

the production of bad odours, of leachate (the smelly liquid which tends to break the biodegradable bags used to collect wet waste), of dirt, larvae, worms and insects.

The patented technology is contained in the lid.

The advantages

WILLPY allows you to store wet waste up to one week.

This decreases significantly the need of disposing of wet waste every day or two.

Storage time depends on the waste mix and its initial stage of deterioration.
Bad odours are avoided, the production of leachate drastically decreases.
Thanks to WILLPY you can store wet waste in your home, without problems, disposing of it only when the container fills up and not when it stinks or gets dirty. Managing wet waste becomes very similar to what you do with dry waste. Dry waste is infact disposed of only when the container is full and not when it stinks because dry waste doesn’t rot and doesn’t create unpleasant odours.

How to use Willpy

You should use WILLPY as you normally use any bin for organic waste, with the usual biodegradable bags.

The bag must be positioned only on the small internal container, never on the larger external one because its presence would block the correct start and sealing of the cover.

WILLPY needs energy and must be connected to the power socket.
It can be opened and closed as many times as needed.
To open : simply press the button on the lid for a few seconds and lift the lid by levering on it.
Closure is automatic, just place the lid on the container. The conditioning process starts automatically, the container is perfectly sealed in about 40 seconds, creating the perfect conditions for waste storage (poor oxygen content athmosphere).
Once sealed, WILLPY can also be unplugged and placed anywhere, always remaining hermetically sealed.

How to clean Willpy

Use only a damp cloth to clean the lid.
Never put the lid under a direct water flow; the electrical and electronic parts here contained might be damaged.
Use water and normal detergent to clean the containers.

Energy consumption

Willpy is environmentally friendly and absorbs very little energy.

It has been designed and built to have very low operating costs: