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Who created Willpy?

About us


is an invention of Open59

WILLPY has been conceived, studied, engineered, produced and distributed by OPEN59 Srl Società Benefit.

The italian legislation acknowledges Benefit companies ( as profit- making Companies with a declared social and environmental mission.

Open59S.r.l. develops and produces innovative products to increase and improve our daily well-being.

WILLPY was born after observing how wet waste is managed in households.

When food is prepared organic waste is produced and we then have to deal with it, anywhere in the World. Waste needs to be handled and disposed of quickly as it produces odours, leachate, dirt, larvae, worms and insects. All of this must eliminated as soon as possible.

Open59 invented WILLPY to make our lifes easier when we have to manage waste and the problems it creates.

WILLPY makes it possible to manage wet waste and keep it at home even for a whole week or until the container is full, avoiding these problems.

With WILLPY it’s possible to manage wet waste like dry waste which is only disposed of when the container is full and not when it smells.

For this reason WILLPY is larger than standard bins for wet waste, because waste can be accumulated and stored for several days avoiding problems. Exactly as it’s normally done for dry waste.