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Who is Willpy?



The solution for bad odours and leachate liquid

Wet waste keeps
for a long time!

  • No more bad smells

    Thanks to its patented technology, it prevents unpleasant odours from kitchen waste. Also suitable for baby nappies and diapers for adults.

  • No more broken waste bags

    Willpy slows down the formation of leachate liquid that causes the breakage of biodegradable bags.

  • Very low energy consumption

    Connected to the power socket, it absorbs very little energy.

  • Can be used with any bag

    Works with any kind of biodegradable shopping bag.

  • Use it as a normal waste bin

    With Willpy no change in habits. You can open and close Willpy as many times as you like according to your needs.

  • Automatic closure

    Simply place the lid on its container and the storage process will start automatically.

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We recommend to dispose of nappies, diapers for adults,pet beddings and sanitary mats separately, never together with wet waste

For your kitchen

For your kitchen

You no longer have to "hide" the bin under the sink. You can place it where it’s most convenient, it's no longer "a problem". Its design is modern and “tech” you don’t see the bag nor the waste.

Baby nappies and Diapers for adults

Baby nappies and Diapers for adults

Disposing of nappies and diapers represents a problem. WILLPY blocks odours immediately. Nappies and Diapers can be stored for days avoiding intolerable odours. Suitable for kindergartens, nurseries, care and nursing homes.

For pet waste

For pet waste

WILLPY is very useful for those who have pets in the house. Hygienic bedding and mats can be collected avoiding odours even for over one week. WILLPY eliminates the inconvenience of daily disposal.

For restaurants, cafeterias bars, hotels

For restaurants, cafeterias bars, hotels

WILLPY is ideal in all places where large quantities of food is prepared and served because it can store lots of organic waste, considerably reducing the discomfort caused by its natural rotting process.

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WILLPY is Environment friendly

Technology to improve life and the Environment

WILLPY has been conceived, studied and designed to safeguard the environment and the ecosystem during its production process and in use:

  • is specific for biodegradable bags
  • uses recycled and recyclable materials
  • the slowing down of waste deterioration and the reduction of odours takes place without the use of chemicals or any other substance that may be harmful to man or the environment
  • it has been designed to absorb very little energy : in one Year it consumes less energy than the amount of energy absobed by a PC in one day!
  • packaging is sustainable and FSC certified
  • produced and distributed by a Benefit Company (link)
The "green" implications

Being able to store wet waste at home for a longer time, without problems, translates into less need of collecting wet waste frequently, therefore less trucks circulating on the roads and less pollution. Paper, glass and metal, which do not smell, are collected less frequently than organic waste. The extended use of WILLPY in all Italian households would reduce the need for frequent collection. Only assuming to collect once a week instead of two could reduce by 50% the circulation of trucks with a savings of almost 100.000 tons of CO2 per year.

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